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New talent wants in, customers are loyal, and an old, sleepy industry is taking notice as National Life celebrates record-breaking growth in life insurance and annuities.

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We have grown at National Life simply by digging deep to define our purpose and staying true to our roots and our corporate values.

Mehran Assadi
Chairman & CEO, National Life Group


It begins and ends with one word – 


Driven By Our Values, Fueled by Our Passion

Our cause is a very simple one, directed at the people who live and work on America’s Main Streets: To Do Good in our communities and with the individual families we serve.

For more than 169 years1, we have aimed to keep our promises to provide families stability in good times and in bad. And throughout that history, the guarantees2 of our fixed insurance products have provided peace of mind to those families as they plan their futures.

At National Life we don’t make widgets or cars or computers. We make promises.

Our goal – since the chartering of National Life Insurance Company in 1848 – has been to work together to create a better future for each and every customer through innovative financial solutions and then to deliver on those commitments 10, 20 or 50 years down the road.

We are an independent company and independent in spirit. While we do business across the United States, at our core we retain the feel and the attitude of a small company in which each and every individual matters. We are grounded on America’s Main Street where a firm handshake still means something and trust is strong. 


Our Strength

Through grants from our charitable foundation, paid time for our employees to volunteer, environmentally sustainable and healthy work sites, and fun, family-friendly events that promote the work of nonprofits in our own backyard we live our values ​of:

Do good. Be good. Make good.

2017 Annual Report

National Life Recognized as One of 
"America's Magnificent Eight"

9 out of 10

new hires say they chose National Life because of the culture, the ability to make a difference and the opportunity to contribute to a cause.

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Going Further

Our mission extends well beyond insurance and annuities
to our CAUSE — making the world a better place.

Through grants from our charitable foundation, paid time for our employees to volunteer, environmentally sustainable and healthy work sites, and fun, family-friendly events that promote the work of nonprofits in our own backyard we live our values ​of: Do good. Be good. Make good.

Main Streets Across America
LifeChanger of the Year
Do Good Tour
National Life Foundation

Based on our annual campaign, Main Streets Across America, Main Street Grants awards communities across the country with vibrant downtowns. Each community is deeply rooted in history while having a dynamic vision towards the future. 

Main Streets Across America
LifeChanger of the Year
Do Good Tour
National Life Foundation

An annual program funded and run by National Life and its Foundation recognizes and rewards K-12 educators and school employees from around the country. Each year, LifeChanger of the Year awards 16 educators and their schools with cash prizes, including a $10,000 Grand Prize.

Main Streets Across America
LifeChanger of the Year
Do Good Tour
National Life Foundation

Build your business and National Life brand awareness regionally while building local goodwill by having agents appear at local events with heavily branded signage and a check through the National Life Group Foundation for a local nonprofit organization.

Main Streets Across America
LifeChanger of the Year
Do Good Tour
National Life Foundation
Since its inception in 2006, the goal of the National Life Group Foundation is to do good in the communities in which we live and work. Each year the foundation supports nonprofit and educational organizations by providing grants through our Foundation, giving our employees 40 hours of paid volunteer time annually, sponsoring events and offering in-kind donations. ​​In 2018, we doubled our foundation from $1 million to $2 million to show our commitment to your Causes.

Held annually on the grounds of our Vermont office, this music festival raised over $93,000 in 2017 for central Vermont cancer patients and their families. 

Enough about us,

Let's Talk About You

Expertise and Solutions for Your Continued Success

You strive every day to cultivate long-term, meaningful relationships with your clients, all with limited resources and unlimited competition. You need to partner with a company that allows you to be the entrepreneur but is committed to supporting your success

To ensure you run your business in a way that meets your needs, we have various affiliation options whether you are looking for a traditional career contract, an independent agent contract, or something in-between, we have the ability and experience to meet your needs.


We Help You Build Your Brand

Promote Yourself on Main Street and Beyond

From print materials to websites and social media, we help you promote your business and your value proposition. You have access to dedicated resources and vendors to help you establish and expand your brand in the marketplace. 

Here is one example of a client-friendly educational video we provide to make the sales process easier for you. 


Living Benefits is Just the Beginning

Competitive Life Insurance Products and Solutions

Our various financial services companies offer a full portfolio of life, annuity, and investment products to help meet a variety of needs for individuals, families, professionals, and business owners.

We have a long history of offering life insurance products that provide living benefits. Today, we continue the tradition. With our living benefits, we provide life insurance your clients don’t have to die to use.  We offer simple solutions for life, whether your clients Die Too Soon, Become Ill or Live Too Long.

Accelerated Benefits Riders are optional, no-additional cost riders that can allow a client to access all or part of the death benefit, while living, if the client experiences a qualifying terminal, chronic, or critical illness, or critical injury. Additionally, the Lifetime Income Benefit Rider (LIBR) is an optional rider that can be added to select insurance policies, which has the potential to provide a guaranteed source of income for life, if properly funded.3

Indexed Universal Life


in Indexed Universal Life Sales4

FlexLife II

LifeCycle Solution

Whole Life


LSW Protector Life



Large Case Products

Peak Life

Indexed and Variable Annuities

At National Life, we’re committed to helping provide school employees with annuity products that can help supplement their retirement. We’ve provided annuities through 403(b) and 457(b) plans for decades so our clients can look forward to starting the next chapters of their lives.

In 2017, our total annuity sales reached $241 million. Our five-year growth is 41%; our ten-year growth is 96% with a record of $10.8 billion in annuity account value.

We take our responsibility in providing the right products very seriously. We require that our agents working in the school system attend 403(b) Certified Training along with product and sales training. We also support them as they do good in their own communities. Many of our agents have nominated teachers for the LifeChanger of the Year educator recognition program and support philanthropic causes in their own communities.

What does this goodwill have to do with retirement planning?

It is all part of our vision to bring peace of mind to everyone we touch.



Indexed Annuities in Employer Sponsored Plans5

FIT Choice

FIT Foundation

FIT Guaranteed Income

FIT Income Plus

Secure Plus


SecurePlus Provider

SecurePlus Advantage 79

LifeCycle Solution


We've Got Your Back

Advanced Markets Team

We are committed to supporting your needs and the needs of your clients. We stay current in the market, understand what people are thinking from Main Street to Wall Street. At the end of the day, our job is to simplify the sales process and make doing business with us easy.

We can provide you with:

  • Direct access to our in-house team for case consultation and point-of-sale support
  • Simplified sales concepts
  • Case design and presentation
  • Consultation with strategic advisors including CPAs and Attorneys
  • Ongoing education and training programs encompass:
    • client materials
    • agent training
    • technical guides
    • online calculators, such as our Qualifi ed Plan Decision Tool

Our CPA Advantage Program is designed to help agents market themselves to Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and to cultivate relationships that will lead to referrals and sales through partnership opportunities over time.

As the market changes, we continue to have a fresh perspective that keeps looking to the future and evolving to meet the needs of CPAs by:

  • Forging new relationships
  • Reaching new prospects
  • Expanding your practice
  • Identifying new sources of revenue
  • Helping your clients reach their goals


The Flexibility you need, the Innovation you expect, the Service you demand.

Equity Services, Inc. (ESI) and ESI Financial Advisors (EFA)

Equity Services, Inc. (ESI) and ESI Financial Advisors (EFA)6 are a forward-thinking broker-dealer and Registered Investment Adviser. We know that it’s not just about products; it’s about having the flexibility to build your vision, innovation that is focused on your needs, and service that makes it easier to do business. That’s why we offer multiple affiliation options and a range of resources to meet the needs of career agents and independent agencies.

Fee-Based and Commission Solutions

If you’re looking for support for your fee-based advisory business, we can provide the investment advisory services you need, including:

  • Flexible Business Options: Our Registered Investment Adviser only affiliation option provides the advisory tools that you need without requiring a broker dealer affiliation.
  • A Full Range of Choice - One Simple Process: ESI Illuminations, our fee-based advisory service program, is structured to be competitive and adaptable, providing sophisticated technology and a wide range of capability.

For commission solutions, ESI is a full service Broker-Dealer offering the full range of solutions, selling agreements, and support you should expect from your Broker-Dealer.

ESI Technology Platform

Technology plays a role throughout the entire process for today’s financial professional - from prospecting to plan implementation - so we’ve partnered with top solution providers to keep you at the forefront of technology.

Our suite of technology options includes:

  • Prospecting and marketing tools
  • Financial Planning tools
  • Leading Client Relationship Management tools
  • Research tools
  • Trading and Account Servicing using Wealthscape
  • An Electronic Business Processing Platform that provides a flexible, paperless process from start to finish with features ranging from auto-generated forms kits to eSignature.
  • Data Aggregation and Reporting

Affiliation, Transition and Onboarding

Transitioning your business to a new Broker-Dealer doesn’t have to be a painful process. Our Transition Support Team is dedicated to guiding you through the affiliation process efficiently and smoothly so you can concentrate on the most important aspect of your business: your clients.

For qualifying advisors, our transition and onboarding process includes:

  • Affiliation requirements and the appointment process
  • Licensing and registration support
  • Business and review process
  • Technology consulting and training
  • Access to marketing and prospecting resources (varies with affiliation)
  • Product and advisory platform training and support

Backed by an experienced team from Operations, Licensing, Compliance, and Business Development, we’ll help transition your business and identify opportunities to increase your efficiency and expand your practice.


Lets Grow Together

Training and Development

We support your training and development needs through in-person coaching, live sales desk support, live pre-scheduled WebEx trainings and innovative on-line resources. For our affiliated producers, we hold on-site product and sales schools and practice management conferences to help you build and execute a customized sales and marketing strategy.

Additionally, our new and enhanced 403(b)/457(b) Certified Training provides incredible value for agents who are new to the 403(b)/457(b) market, agents who are new to National Life Group and Life Insurance Company of the Southwest, and to agents who are looking to refresh their skills and knowledge.

7 out of 10

Gen X and Boomers feel a personal relationship is more important than on-line advice.

Allianz Generations Apart Study, January 2015

The Time is Right

To Do More

The time is right to work in the financial services industry. Together we have the power to help families, individuals and small business owners obtain the protection they need, the retirement they deserve, and a life with passion and purpose.

If you’re looking for something more – you’ll find it here at National Life.