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Above and Beyond

Our Cause is Our Strength. Our Strength is Your Opportunity.

Everyone has had at least one teacher from the past who inspired them.

And the cycle goes on. Today, millions of hardworking teachers and other educators are making memorable contributions to their students' lives by going above and beyond.

At National Life Group, we are dedicated to these often unsung heroes. As they strive to make a difference in their communities, we work alongside them to honor their dedication and help them secure the financial futures they deserve.

Together, it is our shared mission to make the world a better place.
This is our CAUSE, and we invite you to embrace it with us.

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In this industry we have a very important role in educating the public about the value of life insurance and annuity products. We are about protecting Middle America, the most underserved segment of the market. We are about insuring and bringing assurance to retirement for teachers of America.

Mehran Assadi
Chairman & CEO, National Life Group


Our Community Reach

To make the world a better place, we start from within.

Since our founding in 1848, our goal is unchanged: to provide a better future for every customer through innovative financial solutions.

And this CAUSE stems from our promises, not profits. Inspired by our shared values to always do good, be good and make good, we strive to best serve our clients and give back to our communities, either as a company or through the individual contributions of our dedicated employees.

Main Streets Across America
Do Good Fest
Do Good Tour
National Life Foundation
Agent Do Good Award

Based on our annual campaign, Main Streets Across America, Main Street Grants awards communities across the country with vibrant downtowns. Each community is deeply rooted in history while having a dynamic vision towards the future. 

Main Streets Across America
Do Good Fest
Do Good Tour
National Life Foundation
Agent Do Good Award

Since 2014 we invited our favorite bands to perform right in our backyard to help us raise money for Branches of Hope, a fund that provides financial support to cancer patients in the Central Vermont region. Over the past five summers, we have raised nearly $135,000 that has helped with extraordinary expenses, from groceries to gas money

Main Streets Across America
Do Good Fest
Do Good Tour
National Life Foundation
Agent Do Good Award

Build your business and National Life brand awareness regionally while building local goodwill by having agents appear at local events with heavily branded signage and a check through the National Life Group Foundation for a local nonprofit organization.

Main Streets Across America
Do Good Fest
Do Good Tour
National Life Foundation
Agent Do Good Award

Since its inception in 2006, the goal of the National Life Group Foundation is to do good in the communities in which we live and work. Each year the foundation supports nonprofit and educational organizations by providing grants through our Foundation, giving our employees 40 hours of paid volunteer time annually, sponsoring events and offering in-kind donations. ​​In 2018, we doubled our foundation from $1 million to $2 million to show our commitment to your Causes

Main Streets Across America
Do Good Fest
Do Good Tour
National Life Foundation
Agent Do Good Award

The Agent Do Good Award recognizes an agent who is passionate about a cause and who has been making a difference in his or her community by Doing Good.

A CAUSE for Educators

Recognizing & Rewarding School Employees

LIfeChanger of the Year honors K-12 educators and school employees across the country. Every year, we celebrate hundreds of those who make a significant difference in the lives of students through exemplary excellence, positive influence, and leadership.


Cash Prizes Annually


Grand Prize Award


Cash Prize Split Between Employee and School

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Our Focus on Educators

For decades, we have been a leader in financial solutions that help grow and protect the financial livelihoods of millions of educators.

We have a decades-long track record of helping teachers, government employees and similar working Americans supplement their 403(b) and 457(b) retirement plans with innovative annuity products.

Our success in this under-served market has earned us a place among CEO Forum's Magnificent 8 Exceptional Companies, as well as being ranked among the prestigious Fortune 1000.

It's a journey we are proud to continue, and we offer you the opportunity to join us on it.

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of educators will depend on their State Pension for adequate savings in retirement.

2018 "School's Out for Summer" Survey conducted by National Life Group

Our Success, Your Future

Now that you know more about National Life Group, let's turn to how our success can help you begin or boost your career in the growing 403(b) and 457(b) market.

As your partner, we would encourage your entrepreneurial style while supporting you where and when you need us. We have the tools and talent to help you succeed.

And we can work with you on your terms. Whether you are looking for a traditional career agent contract or prefer an independent arrangement, we have the flexibility and experience to help you serve your clients and meet your goals.


Our Shared Opportunity

Helping Educators Plan for Retirement

Knowing just a few of the financial challenges teachers face, it becomes clear why we believe helping them is a most worthy CAUSE.

The Situation:


FIT Retirement Series

Our Product Solutions

Serving 403(b) and 457(b) clients can be rewarding in many ways. But it takes high commitment and hard work to know the market as a whole and each client as a unique individual.

Cookie-cutter products are not what we do. That's why we offer this market our FIT Retirement Series, a family of four flexible premium indexed annuity products. FIT is designed with the customer at heart, and each one can address specific needs for long- and short-term growth or income goals.

For employer situations that require even more product depth, we also offer the Balanced Opportunities Platform, a turn-key program that includes a selection of third-party mutual funds alongside our indexed annuity products. It also provides helpful participant enrollment technology, education, and other services on a single retirement platform. Balanced Opportunities offers an efficient and exciting path to rapidly expand your production in this vibrant marketplace.


We've Got Their Back

Our Guarantee of Income for Life

Everyone strives to build a retirement nest egg, but living comfortably throughout the golden years can be another challenge altogether. As lifespans grow, clients are more likely now to run out of money during retirement.

With this in mind, National Life Group was the first to offer the Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider (GLIR) on many of our indexed annuity products. Available for an additional charge, GLIR provides a guaranteed income stream based on each client's situation. Most importantly, it helps your 403(b) and 457(b) clients tackle one of their largest fears – outliving their retirement income.


403(b)/457(b) Certified Training Program

Our Commitment to Your Knowledge

Whether you're just starting out or have prior experience in the 403(b) and 457(b) market, you can benefit from our Certified Training.

We show you how to:

  • See the depth and scope of the market and its many opportunities for you
  • Identify and access prospective clients
  • Differentiate yourself and effectively overcome obstacles
  • Maximize our approved tools, programs and resources
  • Apply practical industry, market, and product trends to your daily practice


A Relationship Built on Trust

Our Team is Your Resource

As you grow your business, you're never alone. Our Relationship Managers are located all over the country to respond to your needs on your time.

They are your point of contact and dedicated to building your strategy to meet your goals and each of your client's needs.

And through our partnerships with highly reliable third-party administrators, you have fewer day-to-day burdens of details but all the peace of mind that your clients are in the best of care.


of educators lack confidence in the security of their retirement.

2018 "School's Out for Summer" Survey conducted by National Life Group

See for Yourself

The Power of School Employee Recognition

Share Our CAUSE

Consumers age 40-44 are 50% more likely to pay more for a product associated with a cause.

Even more so among Millennials.

Nielsen Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility,  2013

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We are Do gooders.

Our commitment to DO good BE good and MAKE good is woven into everything we do and every product we offer.

DO good.

We offer products designed to meet the needs of those we serve. As a result, we are the #1 issuer of indexed annuities in employer-sponsored plans and the longest standing issuer of indexed annuities.2

BE good.

We conservatively manage our investment portfolio in our goal to deliver on our promises to policyholders. 

MAKE good.

We keep our promises by paying out benefits to our policyholders when they need us most.

It begins and ends with one word – 


For over 170 years, National Life Group has built a solid reputation by always doing good, being good and making good.

Through this singular "do gooder" focus, especially when it comes to educators, government workers and others like them, we remain the #1 provider of indexed annuities used in employer-sponsored plans. And, our solutions are built to last, which is why we are still the longest-standing provider of indexed annuities in the industry.

This is our CAUSE, which we believe is also your opportunity. Join us.

We encourage you to reach out to us to explore the many ways we can help you succeed in this very rewarding and under-served market.

The Time is Right to Join Our CAUSE
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